A proud survivor of double curved Scoliosis.
Im just wanting to be happy because happiness keeps me living despite the physical pain of existing.

I can’t keep up the smile, I can’t do the brave face. My parents don’t like me, they ignore my tears, I’m drowning in my own thoughts and fears, the world scares me and I feel so vulnerable, I can’t keep up the everyday act, the ‘Girl who doesn’t give a fuck’. I should be happy but I’m not, I sometimes even feel like my boyfriend is against me, no one cares, no one listens. Burden.

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This speaks to me

Oh tumblr you do make me happy.

I thought I was getting better but I’m an idiot for thinking that too, I can’t deal with change or the future or even the present, the past is always bugging me too. I’m a complete fuck up and I just wish that could get a new thought process on everything. I’m struggling, I’m trying to do so much for other people and always putting my own happiness at risk, I mean what even is happiness because although I may think I have experienced it at various points in my life it’s never been an ongoing thing, I wouldn’t be able to tell you everyday that I’m happy. I think happiness ends when you reach the point in your life when you start giving a shit but even then you have to be someone who everyone likes in the first place. People are shit. I’m shit. This is shit. Fuck life.

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My dress is so bright today but my head is still dark :(

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Im such a stressy, nervous, panicky person it’s unreal, I actually feel sick at the thought of going out my comfort zone :(

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books are just dead tattoed trees

That’s metal as fuck

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Reblog if you’re a cuddler.


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Today I bent over to pick a massive pile of invoices up at work and as I bent over I farted…I feel no shame. It’s cool.

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A moment of silence please.
Beautiful creatures
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